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How to watch Netflix movies together with your friends using Netflix Party

Did you know that you could stream Netflix movies together with your friends even without being physically together? Perhaps you are in a lockdown situation missing your friends or partner and want to Netflix and chill together, well now you can with Netflix Party! The best part, it is an absolutely free service for sharing Netflix movies with your friends. All they ask for is your patron donations.

Step 1 – How To Install Netflix Party

Go to Netflix Party website to find a link to the Google Chrome extension or you can download the Chrome extension here. Click on the blue button to start downloading.

Netflix Party

Step 2 – Share Netflix Movie With Friends

Head over to Netflix main channel and pick a show, like Money Heist for example. At the top right corner of your screen, you should see the Netflix Party (NP) icon. Click on it and you will see a URL. Copy this URL and send it over to your friends via any chat - Whatsapp Web, Telegram Web whichever you prefer.

You can also select whether you have exclusive access to playing, pausing, and tweaking options in the movie, or if other viewers can too. Netflix Party syncs up the movie for everyone you invite to the session, if anyone pauses the movie and you're hosting the party, it will pause for all your friends too.

Step 3 – Start the Netflix Party!

You now have a private screening room with chat features. From the chat you can see who has joined your party and comment away as you binge your favourite Netflix movie drama series synchronously with your friends. For the 'joiner' receiving the invitation link, be sure to click on the Netflix Party icon ("NP") at the to right corner of your Google Chrome browser or the movie streaming will not be in sync.

Last but not least, if you enjoy the service, drop a donation to Netflix Party and help them out. Share this article with your friends or partner and let the Netflix Party begin!

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