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Add Movie Ratings to your Netflix Screen with Trim Extension – Which is the best movie-rating tool?

Ever found yourself scrolling through Netflix’s library and searching titles on Google to find out a movie’s ratings before you dive in? You will never have to Google a movie review on Netflix ever again with amazing Google chrome extensions that will show you a Netflix movie or TV series ratings from various sources like iMDB, Rotten Tomato reviews straight up on your Netflix homepage.

Displaying Movie Reviews On Netflix

Here’s what your Netflix on steroids will look like with the TRIM Chrome Extension. With the Trim Google Chrome extension, you can now view Movie Ratings from iMDB and Rotten Tomatoes right off your Netflix homepage. Gone are the days of searching movie reviews back and forth Netflix and Google.

Trim Netflix Rating Google Chrome Extension

To make things even better, you can now fade out Netflix movies with low ratings by adjusting your filter under the settings button at the top left side of your Netflix screen with the Trim extension. As you can see only ‘The Last Dance’ and ‘Breaking Bad’ are showing if you adjusted the iMDB filter to a score of 9 and above. Now, you can cut through the clutter and get straight to the top films based on critic review.

Trim Extension settings

Here’s how your screen will appear:

How to download and set up Trim Chrome Extension:

Step 1: Using your Google Chrome browser, download Trim here

Step 2: Once you have installed Trim, you will see its logo on the top right corner of your Google Chrome browser. Open your Netflix and it will automatically display all the movie ratings, you don't have to do any additional steps.

Now, you can easily find the best Netflix movies and watch it together with your friends on Netflix Party!

Alternative Movie Rating Tools – Pros & Cons

There are several of such Netflix Movie Rating tools available as extensions aside from Trim, such as:

1. RateFlix

2. Film Scores For Netflix

3. Show iMDB Ratings

4. Netflix Rate

Amongst all, we personally felt that Trim gave us the best user experience as a rating tool. Tools like Film Scores for Netflix has a pretty decent user rating of around 4.5/5 stars. It provides movie ratings from a greater variety of movie critic sources such as, Metacritic, iMDB, TheMovieDB etc. However the downside is that if there is no review from one of the sources, it will display as ‘?’ on your Netflix homepage unless you uncheck the missing source and refresh.

Netflix Rate Chrome Extension
Netflix Rate

Tools such as RateFlix on the other hand, do not show up on your Netflix homepage, and you have to click in to individual movies to see the reviews which we find too much of a hassle.

RateFlix Extension
RateFlix Extension

In a nutshell, we had these key considerations in mind when checking out various Netflix movie-rating extensions:

  1. Movie ratings must be displayed upfront on our Netflix screens; if a rating tool leaves too many movies unrated, we are moving on to the next tool.

  2. Movie ratings must come from at least one or more reputable source(s).

In the end, we chose Trim as the best option (this is not a sponsored post, though we would love to be sponsored).

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