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Get connected to our online community and find people to share a Netflix or Spotify Premium Account in USA, Europe or Singapore. With strength in numbers, entertainment can be made affordable for everyone.

Enjoy the full benefits of your favourite premium subscriptions at a fraction of the cost, via a safe and secured platform today!




Share Netflix and Spotify Premium Accounts with people via a safe and secured platform.

Enjoy the full benefits of a premium account at a fraction of the price!


How Does It Work


submit interest

Submit a request to find a group and share your favourite subscription plans.



We'll match you with other interested subscribers to form a group. E.g.

Netflix Premium (4 pax)

Spotify Family Plan (6 pax)

This can take up to 5 working days.



We’ll send you an invoice once we’ve found a group for you. This includes our Service Fee and 1 year subscription fee for the plan(s) you requested.


We also act as an escrow (a.k.a. Middleman) in payment collection from all parties. This means we underwrite your risks of anyone defaulting on payment. 


Receive LOGIN

Your account will be set up and login credentials will be sent to you via email once everyone in the group has made payment. You can choose to opt out anytime before your next renewal begins.


If anyone opts out, we’ll replace the slot with a new subscriber, ensuring no disruption to those who wish to continue enjoying their premium subscriptions. Enjoy!

Your Savings

Based on Netflix (Singapore) fees, you can save up to $84 every year by sharing a Netflix Premium Account with a group of 4 pax, instead of paying the full premium to purchase Netflix Basic as an individual. Here’s a breakdown of your cost savings using Singapore fees as an illustration. To view other subscriptions in various Countries/Regions (e.g. Europe or USA), you can refer here.

Our service includes matching people to form a group for you, account set up, escrow (i.e. payment collection) services and dispute handling all for a small yearly fee below. 

Single User

$11.90/ pax


$11.98 Single Netflix Basic

  • $144 / year


Shared by 4:

$19.98 Netflix Premium 

  • $5 / month

  • $60 / year

You save $84 / year

Group of 2

$7.90/ pax


$15.98 Netflix Standard for 2

  • $8 / month

  • $96 / year


Shared by 4:

$19.98 Netflix Premium

  • $5 / month

  • $60 / year

You save $36 / year

Group of 3

$3.90/ pax


$19.98 Netflix Premium for 3

  • $6.70 / month

  • $80.40 / year

Shared by 4:

$19.98 Netflix Premium

  • $5 / month

  • $60 / year

You save $20.40 / year

Our Happy Customers

Some of the amazing reviews that were sent in from our customers that keeps us going.

More reviews on Google and our Facebook pages!

Managed to get a Netflix Premium group after waiting for about a week, the team was patient and responsive when i checked in. Thanks guys for this good concept that helps me save money!

Riley Jones

I was sharing Spotify Family with a group of friends previously but a few decided to drop out abruptly. Fortunately, we managed to find more people to fill up the vacant slots from Share Premium Accounts pretty quickly. 

Payton Hillman

With Netflix Premium, my husband and i can enjoy lower rates. At the same time our kids can watch their cartoons on the children’s profile as well. Highly recommended!

Jessie Brown

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